My favourite Witch studying.

A Hermione drawing for Sketch Dailies.

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Leave Me Alone But Take Me With You


I can’t even be alone
when I’m alone, the way the field hums
all our old songs, the moon
pulling everything closer. You’re the ghost
in my throat, the lump I swallow
and swallow, the name that comes out
of my mouth no matter who
I meant to call. I meant to call more
people back. To love someone other
than you and myself and the dog.
Now look at the moon, its far
hard rim, a coin in the wide
dark palm of the sky—it’s the way
I remember your body, brilliant
and out of my reach. I’ve been lonely for years
but never minutes. That’s why
I’m so terrible at it, that’s why
I keep needing to be rescued. Night here
has a pulse, electric and warm, each ear of corn
a live wire. It’s the crickets, the thrum
of rubbed wings, it’s the way
you used to touch me—your limbs
all bows, my limbs
all strings. Look at the sky, it’s everywhere
tonight, relentless and empty
of signs. Look at the field, the way
there’s no one else in it, the way
even now, having left you,
I’m still what’s left.

— ali shapiro

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Former Marine turned photographer Joel Parés’ series Judging America used real people dressed as stereotypes to remind us to not judge a person based on their tattoos, clothing, ethnicity, profession, or sexual orientation, but on their merits.

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I love this one a lot and i think it should also be a painting

thank you!!! also if that is you saying you want to paint it go right ahead whenever you feel the artistic urge

Here is the bird you swallowed at one in the morning
making a resurgent flight up your windpipe.
It’s ten and the sun’s up;
you’re sitting holding a coffee cup
chewing your lip
fighting back wings
biting on a beak—
now is not the time for early morning thoughts
to breathe air. At one someone kissed you
all you want to do is tell someone else,
say you’re a sinner; at one you believed the fairytales they told you;
you had faith;
at one you worshiped in dirty-fingered red-handed revelry.
It’s ten and you have talons in your throat.
You tossed in the crown, opened your eyes,
drank your coffee and stepped to the ground.
You’re learning that being human is closing teeth on an animal
and keeping it down. —Morning After
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Red Hands by Walk Off The Earth

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Stark Family: Ladies by IrenHorrors

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"Lord, you’re so cold, mo duinne, your hands are ice. Come then, let me warm ye.”

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Ivory hilted dagger and sheath.

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